Wear a mask!

Hi, I'm Yales!

I'm a PhD student interested in Neural Networks.

I have skills and experience in research, data science, teaching and coding.

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Where I've worked:

L3S Research Center

Ph.D. Student

Am working on Data Generation methods for the DaFne project

Winter 2021/2022 - Present

University of Liverpool

Software Developer

Created pipeline for auto-marking university assignment submissions.

Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021

University of Liverpool

Teaching Assistant

I'm a demonstrator for the COMP108 module coordinated by Prof. Prudence Wong.

Winter 2020/2021 - Spring 2021

University of Liverpool

Research Assistant

Assisted Dr. Gregory Palmer with research at the university's Geographic Data Science Laboratory.

Summer 2019

University of Liverpool

Research Assistant

Coded data visualisations that provide interesting insights to users of the LiftUpp App.

Summer 2018

What I've studied:

Ph.D. Computer Science

Leibniz Universität Hannover

In progress


M.Sc. Advanced Computer Science Hons.

University of Liverpool

Graduated with Merit


B.Sc. Computer Science Hons.

University of Liverpool

2:1 Achieved


Where I've volunteered:


Worked on presentations and workshops introducing kids to Computer Science.

November 2019

AISB Convention

Helped prepare the venue and ensure the conference ran smoothly.

April 2018

What I've published:

Gregory Palmer, Mark Green, Emma Boyland, Yales Stéfano Rios Vasconcelos, Rahul Savani, and Alex Singleton. A deep learning approach to identify unhealthy advertisements in street view images. Scientific reports, 11(1):1-12, 2021

What I'm into:

· Data Generation

· Smart Cities

· Ensemble Learning

· Federated Learning


· Deep Learning

What I can do:

Neural Networks/ML:

Experience with Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-Learn

Data Science:

Experience with Pandas, Jupyter, NumPy, Python, SciPy, R, GeoPandas, Seaborn, PySAL, Spark, Hadoop


Manage personal (Arch) Linux server for Cloud Computing. Comfortable with the terminal, Bash scripting and system maintenance. Experience with Azure.


Fluent in English and Portuguese, advanced Spanish, beginner German.

Stuff I've done:


Working on an uncertainty visualisation that uses Neural Network metadata to show how Neural Networks in an ensemble disagree about the reasons why they made a prediction.


My 2015 Google Science Fair group built a prototype of a device that used Computer Vision to describe what is in front of a visually-impaired person.


Participated in various RoboCups in João Pessoa, Brazil on the Cidade Viva team while in school.